What is Dustless Sandblasting? 

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Dustless sandblasting has a lot of benefits but before discussing these benefits what is dustless sandblasting. It is called dustless because you cannot see any presence of dust in this method of cleaning even though it is blasted by the equipment’s you cannot see that since it is moistened with the use of water. This high technology equipment has water in the tank and has a tube wherein you can spray and blast it using a nozzle. It is definitely fast and easy process plus it will leave your place spotless. There are a lot of benefits that are listed below and what is best about it aside from other methods. This one is the cheapest one so you can really save time, money and energy.

What are the advantages of dust blasting? 

  1. Safe and prevents health risk – aside from other kinds of blasting this method is the safest one and can prevent people from having diseases or other health risks. It is safe since it is using dustless blasting equipment. And since it is very wet it is an effective way of cleaning without the presence of too much dust. Dustless blasting is the cleanest method from all blasting that is why it is much more preferred than other methods? This method is very safe for people who have allergies, asthma and having troubles in breathing. Since it is dustless there will be no way for you to inhale any dust. So, you stay healthy as well as you have a much cleaner and healthier environment. 


  1. Lesser materials required – dustless blasting equipment doesn’t involve too many materials and it is less expensive rather than the other. Aside from it is the cleanest way to clean materials it is also the fastest way. It is easy to dry and doesn’t leave any harmful chemicals or contaminant. So, if you want to do a job quickly than this is the best way to do it. For example, applying paint or anti-rust chemicals can dry off so quickly.  
  1. Flexible – using this method is very easy and flexible. The worker will just lay down a plastic in the whole area. After the blasting is completed it will be easy for them to collect and clean all the substances or materials such as dust or rust.  
  1. Reduces expenses – having this kind of service is the lowest among all it is affordable and the one offered by all cleaning companies. Since it is easy and fast and the equipment and technology are better the lesser the expenses are the lesser the company charges.  
  1. Makes the workspace cleaner – since there are techniques and great methods used for dustless blasting, unlike the traditional one that dust can just fly in the air and can totally be dangerous and it can be a health risk plus you get a dirties surroundings. In this method, we minimize dirt and you get to have a cleaner space. 





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